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Medivision Approved Collection Centre (MACC)

Do you want to start a business which is remunerative and scalable? Are you a laboratory owner who is looking for a reliable referral laboratory to outsource your tests? Do you want to reduceyour turn-around-time of your outsourced samples? Do you want to expand your business vicinity? You have a chance of becoming a Medivision Approved Collection Centre.

Hospital Laboratory Service Management (HLSM)

Laboratory Management is a very specialized area. The requirement of a laboratory is make dedicated investments in terms of high end technologies, skilled manpower, automated equipments,stringent quality practices, and provide excellent client service. Since a clinical
laboratory in a hospital is run as one among the many departments, it does not receive the required attention from the hospital management. This results high inventory costs, pilferage, low quality and longer turn-around-time.

Advantages offered by Medivision through HLSM

  • Medivision, through it’s well defined Quality Systems and Quality System Procedures ensures the accuracy of results on tests run at the hospital laboratory
  • The existing Laboratory staff will be absorbed or replaced by Medivision’s well trained and trained skilled staff thereby reducing the staff cost of the hospital.
  • If you are a new start-up hospital, Medivision will place the required equipments and trained skilled staff to run the laboratory
  • Through HLSM, Medivision extends it’s entire directory of investigations to the hospital
  • Turn around time is reduced due to the implementation of efficient SOPs
  • Laboratories of Medivision are available in all major towns therby providing an efficient back-up system by way of manpower, equipment or any other requirements to cater to all needs of the hospital’s laboratory requirements.

Medivision, at presently is managing several hospital laboratories across the state on HLSM platform.

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