Annual Health Check-up

In a healthy body prevails a healthy mind. Good health is a key factor for increased productivity of your employees.Recent surveys have shown that companies that undertake employee wellness programs and do annual health check ups have better productivity, less absenteeism and an unmatched feel good factor.

Medivision has got tailor made Annual Health Check-up schemes for corporates which ensures that their employees are screened for possible lifestyle and stress related diseases. We can also customize Health Check packages suitable to your requirements and budgets. A few of the recommended packages are as follows.

  • MV-Routine
  • MV-General
  • MV-Comprehensive
  • MV- Executive
  • MV-Master
  • MV-Diagnose It For Sure
  • On Site Medical Check Up

We believe that ‘time is money’. In order to save the valuable time of your workforce, we have the facility of conducting health check ups on your premises. Our expert team will visit your site and set up the medical check up camp facility at no extra cost. This is a value added service of Medivision which we offer to our corporate clients. For enquiries, please contact at +91-94971 17580 or email to

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